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Golden Smart Sdn Bhd
License Money Lender Company
Business Loans is a money lender company located in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor. We provide a wide range of financial advisory services, personal loans and business loans.


Our goal is to solve your financial problems. We were established in 2010. We have successfully assisted and served thousands of clients facing financial crises during the economic downturn with our existing expertise in finance.

We believe and are confident that we will continue to maintain as the market evolution leader and provide support to you. Our expert financial advisors will always be ready to help you.

Personal Loans
Golden Smart Sdn Bhd Loans

What Is KPKT License

According to the Moneylenders Act 1951, the license of the Moneylenders and Mortgagees company in Malaysia is issued by the Moneylenders and Mortgagees Division, KPKT (Ministry of Housing and Local Government). Not issued by Bank Negara Malaysia.


 ​For more information, please visit,

NO License: WL7928/10/01-1/210324


Advantages of Our Loans


After getting all the complete information, we will approve the application and cash as soon as we can.


No Scams! No scams! We do not charge any additional hidden application fees.


Our loans are open to use for both government, private and even blacklisted people.

We will take precautions to protect your privacy and personal information.

Secure and Privacy

Our Services Products

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Personal loan is for you if you are looking for safe, easy and fast approval financial solution. We assist our clients to solve their financial problems with with our loan services. Now you can have loan to buy assets, cars or any other purpose you like.

Personal loan will be calculated based on your current salary. The higher the salary, the higher loan amount application will be allowed. If you are blacklisted, no worries, you still can apply the loan. This loan package is not subject to your credit status, we aim to offer a lowest interest rate loans to ease your financial burden.

Golden Smart Sdn Bhd Pinjaman
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We are ready to expand your financial assistance to support your business or start a business idea. Our Business Loan is designed to focus on the cash flow of your business. We give all business owners and self-employed people easier access to loan applications and approvals for quick loan programs.

Our business loans will be perfect if you need to buy new equipment to support operations, establish new businesses or have general working capital. We are also your reliable source to get a cash loan with lower interest rate. Our consultants are available around the clock to reply to your queries and facilitate you in the process of getting a business loan.

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Easy Repayment Scheme Schedule

Golden Smart Sdn Bhd Loan Table

*Loan have cater different range of loan schemes to match with customer’s requirements. Customers can surely enjoy our flexible repayment, low interest rate (as low as 0.88%), policy renewal and annual percentage interest rate (12% with collateral and 18% none collateral)

  • Loan Tenure 90 days - 60 months

  • Maximum Interest Rate (APR): 18%

  • Zero Application/Processing Fees

  • Malaysian citizen

  • 18 years of age and above

  • Government employees

  • Factory workers

  • Private employees

  • Pension

  • Blacklist are eligible to apply

What to know when borrowing from us

  • Eligibility: Customers looking to apply for a fast online loan with us will need to satisfy the following minimum requirements:

    • Age between 18 and 60 years old

    • Minimum salary of RM 1,000/month or RM 12,000/year

  • Required documents:  The necessary documents that you will need to produce will vary according to the type of loan application. You should have the following documents prepared when making a personal application:

    • Applicant’s Original IC (MyKad)

    • Latest 3 months Salary Slip/Pay Slip

    • Latest 3 months Bank Statement

    • Utility bill- Electricity, water, etc

    • Address Confirmation – Phone/Internet Bill, Mail from Banks or Tenancy Agreement;

Please fill out this form.
Applying online and approved as soon as 1 Hour.
(KL & Selangor Only)
  • Get Money In 1 Hour

  • 100% Licensed Money Lender

  • 98% Approved

  • Use I/C Only  

  • Get Cash Same Day

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